Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hide the Nipple

“Now, which nipple is under my hand?”

This image is exactly what it looks like: a free public breast cancer screening for exhibitionist submissives. Proceeds went to the Institute for Sexy Stuff.

This is the other image of a woman’s vagina that I didn’t want to blot out. The sight of her pussy lips really crank up the “exhibitionist’ and “submissive” elements .


Anonymous said...

I've started a new youtube page, dedicated to "Slave Girls" in mainstream tv and movies. I'm basically going to have scenes involving girls as slaves in many ways such as......

Being a human footrest/ footstool / chair
Slave girls carrying a king or master on a throne / lounge.
Slave girls fanning king/master
Slave girls in chains.

And more.

I plan on adding many more scenes, but if you know of any that I don't currently have. Please let me know.

Pat Powers said...

absolutely coool. I'm hoping for the best for you, given youtube's censorship-proneness.