Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Christina Ricci On Display

“You want me to raise my arms even higher Master? Why?”

Gorean Positions:

The slave rises, standing erect with legs a shoulder length apart, the back straight, head high with eyes lowered, raising the arms and bending them at the elbows, entwining the fingers behind the neck for inspection.

Notice that Christina Ricci is posed in the Gorean “display” position (see above) while chained and half naked in the promotional photo for the movie “Black Snake Moan.” Coincidence … or Conspiracy?


Sasha said...

wow, if you look closely enough you can see her lose weight.

Pat Powers said...

yeah, I know. she looked completely different in "The Opposite of Sex" and for my money, better. I liked the old Christina.

Sasha said...

Ditto. Better with curves by far :)