Saturday, May 16, 2009

Top Five Signs You’ve Been Watching Movies And TV Shows For Their Bondage Content For Too Long

“Man, if this gag doesn‘t stay on this time, I‘m gonna shoot myself!”

5) You are male and you regularly TIVO soap operas and Lifetime Movie Channel presentations.
4) You are human and your number one most-watched cable channel is The SciFi Channel.
3) When a TV show listing includes the words “kidnapping’ or “hostage” you salivate.
2) You’ve never seen an episode of “Superman” but you can identify Noel Neill AND Phyllis Coates just seeing the top half of their faces.

And the number one sign you’ve been watching movies and TV shows for their bondage content too long is:
Every time you read or hear the words “Of Human Bondage” you grit your teeth, remembering how much that movie disappointed you.

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