Monday, February 17, 2014

Siren7 In Second Life Gor - An Erotic Romance That Is NOT The Next Fifty Shades of Grey

I'm doing a major rewrite of an earlier novel, "Siren7," taking full advantage of Second Life as a way of developing the relationship between Larry and Kim. I'm going to do some marketing of the story in advance this time, using Second Life videos. This is just a one-minute video, but it took a LOT of work to finish. Siren7 might get made into a movie, eventually, who knows? I'm doing the rewrite and the videos simultaneously, let's see what happens.

The one think I can assure you of, this will NOT be the next Fifty Shades of Grey. It's an erotic romance like Fifty Shades of Grey, sure. But this is much more of thriller than Fifty Shades of Grey was, though in this particular promo, I work more on the romance aspect. Plus, the sex is more explicit, with much more emphasis on the bondage and submission aspects than in Fifty Shades of Grey, which, while it certainly features submission and dominance, wasn't fully developed in terms of bondage, though there WAS plenty of bondage.

Siren7 also plays with the willing slave girl fantasy a lot more than Fifty Shades of Grey ever did, and well ... more intelligently. Kim, the protagonist, enjoys bondage and submission, and so does her lover Larry and so does the evil publisher who blackmails her into doing a lot things she ordinarily would have enjoyed doing, in a consensual relationship.

I'm very pleased with the way this video came out. Maybe all those Second Life videos I've worked on already were not wasted.


Music for the video is from Portishead, it's "It Could Be Sweet," a wonderful romantic ballad, you can check out the whole ballad here, I STRONGLY recommend it, and Portishead generally.

Sims that were visited in Second Life were:

Valetta Town

Port of Ar


Valkyrie Forest Bay

Sylvan Grove (60 Linden Rentals)

Any or all of the sims listed here could change or disappear at any moment, I have no control over that. But do check them out, they're all interesting and excellent places to visit. The one sim you can't visit is the one I used for some of the bedroom scenes, it's a skybox rental that goes for 60 Lindens a week (about $1.25 a week US currency) but the link to Sylvan Grove goes to the rental office where you can rent a skybox just like it. Also, I'm pretty sure the Valkyrie Forest Bay sim has changed since I filmed there.


Anonymous said...

No video. Message indicates YouTube account has been terminated.

Pat Powers said...

Yeah, Google fucked me over a bit when I attempted to update my Google+ page and they decided I was an ebbul pornographer. Fixed, and thanks for the heads up!

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