Sunday, March 30, 2008

Testing the Limits of a Reluctant Sensitive Guy

In our review of the Skinamax flick Testing the Limits we introduce the concepts of the Reluctant Sensitive Guy and Lurking Heavy Plot.

The Reluctant Sensitive Guy is a protagonist who isn't interested in all the hot, sexy stuff his girlfriend wants to do. He'd rather stick with reading his old copies of Reader's Digest and sipping weak tea, possibly with a side of vanilla wafers. It's a surprisingly common character in Skinamax films. We explore the concept.

"I sure hope that Sensitive Guy lets us get it on!"

The Lurking Heavy Plot is a device wherein a story that's basically a romance (like the first half hour of Birthday Girl) or a sexual romp (as is Testing the Limits) is ended with an crime melodrama theme, often with little or no development of the theme earlier in the movie. The Lurking Heavy Plot is popular because it allows the writer to slide away from completing the character development that they started earlier in the film. It's a cheat, a scam, a sleazy attempt to substitute hamburger for steak. Happens ALL THE TIME in Skinamax films.

On the bright side, Lorissa McComas gets bound and gagged and naked, though not all at once, and Lorissa McComas is incredibly gorgeous, one of the few Skinamax actresses whose facial beauty matches her body's opulence. Go to my review and check it out if you don't believe me.

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