Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Mass Gagging Anomaly in Sword and Sandal Films

Coincidence ... or conspiracy? A scene from "Sleeping Dogs" or maybe it's "Fatal Conflict" -- it's hard to tell. (OK, it's "Fatal Conflict" ... we peeked.

In doing research for my sword and sandal movies article "What Should A Slavegirl Look Like" I've discovered an interesting anomaly. Gags are a useful prop to create images of slavegirls that powerfully establish their slavegirlhood. A woman who is gagged is a woman whose opinion no one cares to hear, especially on the topic of being gagged. But they aren't used on sword and sandal slavegirls as often as you might think.

Occasionally you will see a slavegirl gagged, often for a specific purpose (to silence her for this or that reason) but you never see gags used on groups of women to visually help establish their identity as slaves, that I know of.

And there have been mass gagging scenes in mainstream movies and TV shows that involved captives, but that's a different situation than scenes that involve slavegirls, because of course captivity is typically a temporary thing, whereas slavegirlhood is a permanent thing, hence the gags might get worn a LOT by the slavegirls.

A scene from "Alien Apocalypse." As you may note, some of the slavegirls are guys. Well, in this movie the slaves, male and female, are work slaves, because their owners are insectoid aliens. And the look is definitely dowdy. That's the way it goes.

In fact, the only place where I have ever seen groups of women identified as slaves wearing gags is in futuristic science fiction films and TV shows. Three of them (or four, depending on how you count) to be exact: a TV show called Cleopatra 2525, a SciFi original movie called "Alien Apocalypse" and the movies "Fatal Conflict" and "Sleeping Dogs" (Fatal Instinct reuses clips from Sleeping Dogs, hence I would tend to count them as one movie with a scene).

Gagged and/or blindfolded slavegirls do the 100-foot gambling den dash in the "Flying Lessons" episode of Cleopatra 2525.

I've racked my brain and I can't think of any scenes involving mass gaggings of women from and sword and sandal flick. It's a very strange anomaly for which I have no explanation. And I'm not at all sure a reasonable explanation exists. But anybody who knows of a mass gagging scene or three in a sword and sandal flick, thus destroying the anomalous nature of my discovery, please post a comment and let me know how very wrong I am.

Until then, the strange mystery of the Mass Gagging scene anomaly will remain strangely mysterious, and I'll be confidently awaiting my MacArthur Genius Grant for discovering it.

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