Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bondagerotica Updated with Nicole Kidman Bound, Gagged and Nude

"Boy, when Tom said he didn't want me talking about our sexual relationship, he really meant it!"

Nicole Kidman gets bound and naked, bound and gagged, and does a bit of self-bondage in "Birthday Girl" which is this week's update to Bondagerotica. Other things happen as well, sadly including an instance of Lurking Heavy Plot ruining what could have been another "Secretary." Lurking Heavy Plot is normally a scourge of Skinamax films, in which the creators throw in a shootout or a mass arrest to bring an end to a film that really could have been ended by two of the protagonists lying in bed and smoking cigarettes with contended smiles on their faces.

Lurking Heavy Plot doesn't ordinarily screw up a mainstream film, but it managed to do it in Birthday Girl. A shame, really, it could have been an excellent film.


Sasha said...

What sexual relationship? Unless you count the times Nicole caught him in a pink tutu, drinking mint juleps, spanking the pool boy.

Pat Powers said...

Yes, that one.