Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Meet Laci Green, Video Sex Blogger

Laci Green (right) and her favorite drunk lesbian in one of her videos. Image source: vidcap from Laci Green Youtube video.

Laci Green is a sex educator with a series of videos on Youtube. She's very young for a sex educator, just 23 years old, but most of her videos are sensible and smart, way smarter than her years would seem to indicate. She's also very easy on the eyes. Her presentations tend to be lively and upbeat whether she's talking about anal sex or freaky looking labia. Her voice has a tendency to bleat at times, but it's more an endearing thing than an annoying one, at least, from my POV.

Laci does not get Fifty Shades of Grey, but hell, most people don't, though I was disappointed that she did not get what a good thing it is that it has people talking more openly about BDSM sex. Anyway, she's fun, her videos are lively, give her a watch and see what you think. In the particular video I've linked to, Hanna talks openly about what it's like to come out a lesbian, both to herself and those around her, and it was a relaxed, friendly discussion, and it was vaguely amazing that such a topic could be dealt with so easily and well and in such a relaxed manner. We have come a long way ... well, some of us.

Green has a deal coming up with the Discovery Channel to do a news program -- good on her. It probably won't be as sexy as her Youtube videos, but not everything she does needs to be sexy. We can just hope her Discover news program is informed by the same intelligence and sensibility that her Youtube videos are.

OK, this was the video that was playing in my mind when I was watching the Youtube video up top. It's from Kink, of course. I have a dirty, dirty mind, and it generally improves the quality of my viewing experiences a lot.


Anonymous said...

LG has a bright smile, an animated style, and big tits. But "intelligence and sensibility?" Which one of her tits is intelligence? A matter-of-fact, jaunty tone of voice, I'd agree on that. Otherwise... Hey, did you notice she has big tits?

Pat Powers said...

While I disagree with some of Laci's ideas, she does a lot to promote the idea that sex is or can be healthy and fun. I'm comfy with what I said about her. There are a LOT of people I only halfway agree with all over the political/ideological divides, but whom I admire nonetheless. Karen Straughan of Girl Writes What and Maggie McNeil of Honest Courtesan come to mind.

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