Saturday, December 29, 2012

Aubrey O'Day Naked Tied and Gagged, For Reals

Aubrey O'Day, naked and chained for a spread in Playboy Magazine. Tasty! Image source:

Aubrey O'Day is an American singer, songwriter, model, fashion designer and reality TV star who's used her silky golden skin, gorgeous figure and beautiful blond hair into a low-level celebrity status. She can sing, too, apparently.

Aubrey O'Day, gagged for the Noh8 campaign. Tasty! Image source: Noh8 campaign.

Now with most celebrities, you don't get a lot of nudity and bondage, and you don't get them together when you do, but O'Day is generous with the bondage and nudity, undoubtedly because her remarkable looks have extended the range of her career. Don't get me wrong, she's a very competent singer, as good as most pop singers, maybe better. But all you need to get a very good music video for her is put her in something sexy and let her do some dancing and singing.

Aubrey O'Day strapped and tied in what appears to be a vidcap from her music video.

Take the picture above, it's common enough for vocalists to wear something with black straps on it so the celeb websites will go "Kinky" because they don't know from kinky, but O'Day is not only appearing in what appears to be straps and very little else, she also is leashed or tied to something as well. Actual bondage! Who's a thunk it?

Aubrey O'Day on just another day at the beach, wearing a fringed micro thong that leaves you wondering not if, but when, her vagina will be flashing others (Full disclosure: it never does.).

Even when she's not naked or in bondage, O'Day has a taste for the risque. The fringed bikini bottom she wears above does not expose any part of her womanly parts, but its design makes it appear that it will do so at any second. Now THAT'S fashion design! And O'Day is the only person I've ever seen wearing anything like it. This is one hot celebrity!

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