Thursday, December 18, 2014

Riverbeast Games Is Now Available On Amazon

Riverbeast Book 4, now available on Amazon at this link.

Riverbeast Games is now available on Amazon. Constance Harlee, princess of the river town of Euharlee, Missouri, has been reduced to a human pet, lower than a slave, by keelboat captain Bart Fink, who had a grudge against her father. As they travel down the mighty Mississippi, the riverboatmen find all sorts of fun, sexy games to play with their pet. She learns her role in the games, and how to play them well. She intends to seduce the men, to fool them, to trick them into making them treat her better. She poses prettily as she begs for table scraps, she But she will slowly learn, to her chagrin, that sometimes you play the game, and sometimes, the game plays you.

There are a lot of nice bits in Riverbeast Games: Constance has her face secured to the cock of a riverboatman named Big Jack Folsom by means of straps attached to her head harness and his belt, and then Belle the whore joins in on the action and suddenly Constance is the bound third party in a three-way between Jack and Belle, literally unable to keep her face out of their crotches. There's also a scene where the riverboatmen and the whores conspire to bring a helplessly bound Constance to the point of orgasm, and then denying. Finally there's a scene that's a bit of a nod to steampunk in which Belle brings out a brass device, a steampunk style "spreader" that Constance finds herself wearing, helplessly displayed to the men as Belle manipulates her body.

Along the way, a bound and naked Constance experiences the river in a way she never has before, not as background scenery while she plays her social games on a riverboat, but as a dangerous and unpredictable place where the only thing between disaster and safe arrival is the skill of the riverboat pilots.

I say, buy it and read it, dammit!

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