Thursday, December 11, 2014

Riverbeast: Awakening Is Up And Running

Here, the Riverbeast gets a ride ... but mostly, she IS a ride!

Riverbeast: Awakening, the second in the "Riverbeast" series is now available on Amazon.

If you want to know the general background of the story, read the promo for "Riverbeast: Fink's Revenge" below.

"Awakening" deals with Constance's further reduction to riverbeasthood by Fink and his men and the whores Kind and Belle. Having a buttplug tail in her rear end makes life a lot harder for Constance, especially about an hour after mealtimes, and ESPECIALLY because she must beg the ruffians to remove it for her, her wrists being tied to her ankles. There's also a cleverly developed o-ring gag with a built-in plug to keep her mouth nice and available for whatever hi-jinks they have in mind for her mouth. She'll also get a well-deserved whipping after finding herself face to fanny with one of the whores on board the raft.

As the rivermen use her, making a game of it as they gamble to see who uses her next, Constance discovers long-repressed feelings surging forth, feelings of a distinctly sexual nature. Will the refined young woman of Boston society be transformed into a cock-guzzling, shameless bondage slut so low that she makes whores blush? Can Constance somehow maintain some semblance of self respect while tied up naked with a butt plug in her ass and a rowdy riverman's cock in her mouth? We'll never tell ... or rather, we will only tell in the pages of ... The Riverbeast!

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