Monday, December 29, 2014

The Prop Master Soars Into The Desert Air

Cover of The Propmaster. Cindy should be braless and Jack should be pantsless here, but Amazon is having NONE of that! Click on the pic to go to the Amazon links for the book.

First of all, I want to start by saying that I wrote a huge, all-in, bang-up, balls to the walls and tits to the floor sexual bondage scene between the protagonists of my new book The Prop Master. (You can find a link to Amazon for your country here). My goal was to write a sexual bondage scene so compelling that anyone reading the book who was vanilla would finish it, throw the book to the floor and yell, "I have GOT to try that!"

Not that I care if anyone gets "converted" from vanilla to kinky by the scene, I just wanted to write a scene that shows how very, very good maledom/femsub sexual bondage between two lovers can be. I don't know if I nailed it -- that'll be for my readers to say -- but by damn I sure tried. Now, as to the story:

Jack Davis and his girlfriend and love slave Cindy Sturges are an up-and-coming couple in the movie industry a few decades from now. Jack is a prop master for movies, a job that sometimes entails tying people up for scenes. Cindy is a stunt woman/actress who's trying to move into acting full time. Jack's bondage and dominance sexuality with Cindy pays off on the job because it has made him a strong advocate for safety in bondage scenes, even if that means objecting strongly enough to stop production at times, and also because Jack knows how to use bondage to ramp up the drama and sexiness of any bondage or damsel in distress scene to whatever degree the director desires.

This makes Jack appealing to both smart, ambitious actresses who want their scenes to work well, and insurers who want to minimize costs associated with injuries on the set and the resulting lawsuits.

Cindy is in demand because she has an instinct for getting the most out of any scene involving bondage or a power exchange, most especially scenes involving male dominance and female submission, because in their private life, Jack and Cindy play out these scenes in the bedroom and enjoy them immensely, within the context of their thoroughly egalitarian relationship outside the bedroom.

Jack and Cindy's skills lead them to sign with Desert Industry Dreams Incorporated,(DiD Inc.), a well-financed movie production company that plans to create movies that, when properly cut, can easily earn an R or even a PG rating and be shown in theaters and on cable television, a dying market in the future, but whose full versions will entertain viewers on the adult websites who are major backers of the company.

Can Jack and Cindy's relationship survive the attempts of hot female movie stars who, almost by reflex, attempt to seduce Jack, and the attempts of some men to use Cindy's sexual submissiveness to make her their sex slave? Will the dark forces that oppose DiD Inc. succeed in shutting down production? There's an easy way to find out .. read the book!

Scene inexplicably not used for the cover of The Prop Master.


Loura Dominic said...

asking her out on dates, wanting to get and spend time with her...........Mandy being sweet does her best to sidestep the awkward situation but at the end of the day the customer just doesn't want to take no for an answer..........desperate and angry the customer decides to take matters into his own hands and follows Cute Mandy home, knocks on her door, tries one more time to reason with her and then "snaps"
Dominic Wolfe's

Pat Powers said...

Sounds nice, Dominic!

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