Thursday, December 18, 2014

Riverbeast: Beneath Slavery Now Available Free

You can obtain Riverbeast Book 3 in mobi form for free or read it in HTML format by clicking on the pic above.

Riverbeast: Awakening is now available for free to anyone who wants to buy it. Amazon has "blocked" the book, their term for banning. I could in theory make changes and ask them to reconsider publishing it, but what I have learned from other Amazon erotica authors is that this would be a bad mistake. You might say, "This book is not at all different from the other three books in the series that you've already approved for publication" and the likely result would be that Amazon would ban all your other books. For example, one Amazon author in a situation similar to mine got a book banned. In an effort to be cooperative, she changed the book, as well as all the OTHER books in the series, and resubmitted them all (even though all of them but the one had already been approved. Result is ... you guess it ... all the books got banned.

In any event, the letter that Amazon sent me was incredibly vague and useless and told me nothing about why my book got banned. On re-reading the story it has content that could be interpreted as scat, having to do with the difficulties of wearing a buttplug tail that you can't remove yourself. I wrote what was intended to be a raunchy humor piece about one of the whores on the boat removing Contance's tail so she could relieve herself. Neither Constance nor the whore responded sexually to the result of the buttplug being removed, because it's not my kink and I don't care to explore it (it's not so much that is squicks me, but that human waste products are just gross to me, no sexual interest whatsoever and a certain amount of "ugh" there) but I can see how someone who enjoys scat might enjoy that scene.

The general conclusions of Amazon erotica authors is that if a book is banned the safest and smartest move is to forget about publishing it on Amazon, just move on to another book and publish it elsewhere, perhaps for free as a promotional piece. And I am publishing it for free, mostly so that readers of the series won't have a missing chapter. I'm not going to use it as a promotional piece too much, because the scat content is atypical of my stories. However, the "scat-related" scene is hardly the only scene in the story, and there's some pretty good (IMHO) writing to be found contrasting Constance's predicament with her life as a Boston socialite. So read it if you're curious. And enjoy!

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