Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Witless on Lothar: Even Witlesser!

“”Oh, my god, is that a milking stool? No! NO! NOOOOOOO!!!”

When last we saw Anne Coaltar, she was apparently doomed to a fate worse than death, with it’s fast and bulbous head approaching her helplessly proferred hindquarters. Well, if you've read Pat Powers' stuff before, you'll know that fates worse than death are commonplace with him. But ... is there a fate worse than a fate worse than death? Find out … maybe … in Chapter 3.

Image: artwork I created myself with a few tools provided by Second Life.


Sasha said...

Hey now, that's Fox News's most beloved she-male you're making fun of !! Don't let Bill O'Liar get wind of this or he'll send a producer to track you down and harass you on camera !

Anonymous said...

"is there a fate worse than a fate worse than death?"

For Ann?
Have her end up here, married to one of us and having to learn French. :)