Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The She-Crab Scuttle

New for the Summer Olympics in 2012 -- the She-Crab Scuttle. Seen here the Saudi Arabian team -- composed entirely of guest workers -- practices under conditions designed to make them more competitive. “But they are not slaves!” adds head coach Ilsa, seen here with whip.

Image from Bondagerotica sponsor Hogtied. The label on the pic says “bondage” a proposed new Kink website that was folded because the vigor with which the women competed led the management to think there might be a problem with injuries. Duh! This is Spar ... America!


Sasha said...

I was thinking of a new reality show possibility, m'self :D

Pat Powers said...

Y'know,that could really work. Never happen, but it would be SO COOL if it did.

Sasha said...

Ah, dress them in bikinis, slap a few beer ads in there, have that arrogant smug prick Fred Probst or that loud pencil with hair Tyra Banks host it- you'd make a farm!