Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Rainforest of Shaba

Click on the pic to see a full size version. The small size does not do it justice.

Here's another beautiful Gorean sim, this one being unusual as it's in Gor Evolved. Rainforest of Shaba is mostly jungle-haunted ruins, inhabited by a panther tribe, a taluna tribe, a pygmy tribe and a mercenary outfit. There's also an abandoned city (Shaba) with a small population of traditional Goreans. You can get around much of the sim by canoe, as narrow waterways wind through it. It's quite beautiful, with jungle-haunted ruins everywhere.

The image shown here is the bay in front of the fortress inhabited by the mercenaries. It's an interesting variation on the "fortress with kill zone" approach I spoke about earlier. Instead of having a flat, barren plain in front of the fortress to use as a kill zone for any invaders, it has a wide, beautiful bay, complete with waterfalls, with a narrow bridge being the only way in, i.e., serving as the kill zone.

Now don't be fooled by these images. They appear to be flat two dimensional cartoons on my blog, but in fact they are three dimensional artifacts. You don't look at them, you enter them.

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