Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Second Life Gor ... famous for beauty

Gorean sims are widely disliked by many Second Life residents, being too much fun and all, but the interesting thing is ... they DO have the reputation of having some of the most beautiful builds in Second Life. This image is from the city of Brundisium, a sim with a lot of gay Gorean residents (it's not a gay-themed Gorean sim like White Water, but it's got a lot of gay guys living there. And boy, those gay guys can design, yes they can. The small pick seen here doesn't do the build justice. Click on the pic like the caption says and see what it's really like. This is just one part of Brundisium, there are over 300 Gorean themed sims in Second Life, they actually have built a virtual world here.

Sadly, since I like to fight, I live in Gor Evolved, where the builds are mostly docks leading to a kill zone in front of a butt-ugly fortress. But I do get to fight and have adventures a lot, which is what I am in Gor for.

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