Monday, September 5, 2011

Naomi Campbell Bound and Gagged: Firsts in Bondage Fixed

Naomi Campbell looking gorgeous and gagged.

Naomi Campbell joins the beauties in our Celebrity Bondage section of Bondagerotica, having posed au distresse' for a Spanish fashion magazine called V.

And I discovered that many of the image links in my Firsts in Bondage chart were not working thanks to an interested reader pointing out that Holly Hunter made the Nude Spreadeagle category for television way back in ought-nine. So I fixed them all, every damn one of them, when I updated the chart to include Holly's bound and naked butt. So if you've been frustrated with the chart because a lot of the links don't work ... try again, I fixed it. Really!

Holly Hunter's bound and naked butt makes television history ... of a sort!

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