Friday, June 28, 2013

Dimorphism At Work!

"Dental work? Dr. Feelgood only drills where it feels good, woman!" Image source:

Another nice instance of sexual dimorphism (one sex differently bodied than the other, in this case, large male, small female) once again courtesy of Rachel Roxx, who's very short to begin with, and who in this image is kind of folded up by the bondage. If you unfold her with your eyes (and let's be honest, fellas, we do that to women we see on the street all the time) I bet the top of her head barely grazes the guys' shoulder. Check out the post I did on this topic featuring two women earlier.

But along with the dimorphism, this post tickled me because of the background, with the three vibrators hanging on the wall like power tools in a garage. Obviously, very much a work environment, granted, it's sex work. Now some may say "sex work" is an oxymoron, but I say if you do it for money, it gets to be work after a while, even if it's fun.

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