Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Straightjacket Supermodel Video

Now THIS is a hot music video! Click on the image to see the video. Image source: Straightjacket Supermodel vidclip.

Found a video called "Straightjacket Supermodel" on Youtube, by a group called "Eve To Adam." It's got a racy scene with a latex-clad (I think it's latex, I don't have any fabric fetishes, so they are kinda all alike to me) dominatrix uncaging a ballgagged babe in lingerie and leading her around on a leash. Not THAT a big a deal, except I also like the music, it's nice growly rock with a hard metal influence, I found it quite listenable. Don't know if I can dance to it, but I can DEFINITELY watch ballgagged, collared babes being led around on leashes to it. (Warning: there is NOT a happy ending for the ballgagged blonde, an axe is involved, but it's all very cartoonish and affected, so not all that grueling.) Check the video out and see what you think.

Is she or isn't he? Image source: Straightjacket Supermodel vidclip.

Of course, with a group named "Eve To Adam" you have to suspect that there might be some gender-bending going on in the video. Stands to reason. So I checked this video out hard. And this is the most incriminating vidcap I could find. Nice sized chin. Nice bicep. Brown hair under the blond, is the dye job growing out or is that a wig? Nothing that seems all that determinative, really, so my conclusion is, don't know, don't care. But a fun game to play, nonetheless.


Anonymous said...

I suppose it is worth commenting that the collar prevents determination of whether or not the model has an Adam's apple. (Eve's apple?) Very hot pic, though.

Pat Powers said...

Good point. The boundage is lousy though, the ballgag in very loose and so is the collar, in some shots. Typical sloppy mainstream work.

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