Saturday, June 8, 2013

Kink Shows How To Yoke A Captive Properly

A yoked captive chained to some poles for execution in "Thor And the Amazon Women." Image source: vidcap from Thor and the Amazon Women.

Thor and the Amazon Women is a goofy little film that I reviewed in Hottitude of Servitude. It's notable for having the only mass yoke scenes in any mainstream movie that I know of. The bad gals routinely yoke captives via s short pole tied to their wrists, which the captives hold at the back of their necks. The binds at the wrists are nice and tight, but there's nothing binding the captive's neck to the yoke, which means that there is no reason the captive can't just lift the pole over their heads and carry it more comfortably in front of them, perhaps even using it as a weapon of sorts.

Still, there are practical reasons for not binding the actresses' necks to the poles -- it's dangerous. Necks are fragile things and the part that allows your brain to control your body runs right up the middle of them. In my review, I suggested a simple trick for making the necks APPEAR to be yoked to the women's bodies without actually having them yoked there.

But check out the image below:

A yoked captive from a video.

WhippedAss offers another approach: their captive is very similarly yoked to the one on Thor and the Amazon Women, and the yoke is secured in place as you'd expect in a bondage site, but instead of securing it to the captive's neck, it's secured to a rope running around the captive's upper chest. MUCH safer. Plus the ropes running in front could probably be rigged to accentuate the captive's breasts very nicely. All in all, a winning technique. Also, the wrist bonds on WhippedAss's captive, being thick with multiple loops, are much safer than the thin, tight bands on the wrists of the captives in Thor and the Amazon Women which are not faked, and which could conceivably cause nerve damage -- wrists are also fragile things. Learn from the pros, Hollywood.

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