Saturday, September 6, 2008

Set Your DVD Recorders for "True Blood" Sunday Night

We can only hope. Image courtesy of Bondagerotica sponsor Sex and Submission

Get your DVDs, Tivos and VCRs rolling for True Blood a new vampire series that premieres Sunday night, September 7, 2008, at 9 pm EST on HBO. I picked up this gem about it from a review of the series in the LA Times:

Stoker was a Victorian, of course, and apparently so is Ball. With all the ills of the world at his fingertips, he still reaches for sex as shorthand for depravity, treating viewers to a variety of nonmissionary sexual positions that often involve bondage. How. Shocking. True to the time-honored code of young-women-who-enjoy-sex-must-die, the gals who engage in same are the first to go.

Sounds tasty but there are soooo many ways they can fuck it up.

1) It could be the guys rather than the gals who get tied up.

2) They could use the technique of chairobscuro to louse up the scene.

3) The bondage could be so spectacularly badly done that it deserves a Loosie Award.

4) The editing of the scene(s) could be so fast, short and furious that you can only see what's going on by putting your DVD or VCR in slo-mo mode.

There are a whole raft of ways to mess up a scene.

Still, let's hope for the best. And the "Ball" referred to in the quote is Alan Ball, who's also doing HBO's "Bad Girls" women in prison TV series. Which also gives me reason to hope.


short4ever1 said...

Wait! HBO is combining two of my favorite things, vampires and bondage? And they are starting it on my birthday! Hopefully it's not going to be bad and cliche. I guess I'll have have to watch it tonight to find out.

Pat Powers said...

Looks like you win, short4ever1! Vampires and bondage on your birthday, alrighty! Best wishes to you for a great year!