Friday, September 5, 2008

Heidi Grows Up

"Odle-lay-ee-hoo! Any dude'll do!"

When Heidi outgrew her dirndl skirt with such womanly vigor, her kindly uncle knew it was time to put the ring gag on her and teach her the Swiss folk art of cock yodeling.


Anonymous said...

Full name?

Pat Powers said...

You know, Heidi from the book about Heidi. I don't know the model's name. IIRC correctly I found her picture in a set of images of naturally large-breasted women (i.e., no silicon) with several bondage images of her mixed in with the more usual, "Check out THESE puppies!" shots. She is identified as "Big Red" in the photoshoot and she is a redhead. Good luck on finding her!