Monday, September 22, 2008

Unintended Consequences

She didn't know why setting up a beam half a degree off plumb was such a big deal, or why Ralph got all worked up about it. She only knew that as long as this was the punishment, she was going to keep doing it. Image courtesy of Tied Sex.


Anonymous said...

" is no longer taking new members. We will continue to provide the same
quality service to our members, but we are not currently accepting new ones."

That sucks

Pat Powers said...

Yeah, it's hard tofigure. I'm betting they are foding but are staying in existence to fulfill contracts with existing members -- you know, wom3e of them sell yearly and maybe even multi-year subscriptions. I can't imagine a website saying, "Well, we've made aboutenough money now."

Pat Powers said...

Excuse the bad typing. My comment window ins't shjowing what I tyhpe as I type it. If I had any sense I'd use a text editor and cut and paste, but it's kinda fun typing it in blind as it were.