Thursday, January 15, 2009

Brazil Widens The Game Show Gag Gap

The gag seen above is, if I recall correctly, from a Brazilian game show. I don’t know the name of the show, in fact, I’m not absolutely sure it’s a Brazilian show, but there’s one thing I damn sure do know: it’s not a U.S. game show.

I know this, not just because it’s a huge honkin’ over the mouth leather gag, but because of those three rivets running right up the middle of the gag, right where the wearer’s mouth is. There’s only one possible function those three rivets could possibly have -- to hold a plug of some kind that goes into the wearer’s mouth, further preventing the wearer from speaking clearly.

I don’t even think there has ever been a US game show in which gags were used, period, much less a fricking leather plug gag. I don’t believe there have even been leather plug gags worn on US TV in any way shape or form. Brazil (or perhaps another country) is forging ahead of us in this important cultural milestone, while our leaders stand idly by and watch us fail. For shame, American TV producers, for shame!

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