Friday, January 23, 2009

Thor and the Amazon Women

“So, I'm still not clear on this. Am I being tortured on a rack or a spinning wheel?”

Bondagerotica is updated with a review of Thor and the Amazon Women, the film that features the Triangle of Death, the Irregular Polygons of Doom, the Spiky Gantry, the Spinny Pokey Thing, the Exotic Rack, mass yoke bondage, weird tribal masks, Smurf heads with whips, a hero named Tarzan, Taur and Thor all at the same time, and well, a hell of a lot of other things. It's so weird and funny that it practically MST3K's itself.


Anonymous said...

Ya used photoshop to improve the quality of the Smurfhead cap?

Above and beyond the call of duty!

Anonymous said...

"Annie is duly impressed and says she would like to go in the woods and kill some bears, and she wants Jujube to take her there. Jujube explains that as he is a slave (duh!) the guards will kill him if he goes into the forest, thinking he’s escaping and all. So they concoct a plan whereby Annie will sneak back to the slave compound that night with girls’ clothing for Jujube to wear so they can sneak into the forest.... {No fight mentioned}"

Is this snark? Or seriously part of the plot?

I mean, "we'll take a short break while we go bear hunting in the forest", but they don't even encounter a bear?

Pat Powers said...

It is not a snark. They head for the peaceful forest of Harr, but it's farther than they thought and they fall asleep/collapse before they get to the village of Hagendaz. Thor and/or Ubaratutu find them and haul them back to Ubaratutu's cave, where they let them sleep it off then give them some food when they wake up.

There's a LOT of stuff I didn't even have room for in my review and avoided for spoilerish reasons. I avoided the crowning (literally) irony in the movie, in fact.

angela said...

"Thor and the Amazon Women".

Hmm, sounds like "Hercules and the Amazon Women" (one of the 5 'action packed' Kevin Sorbo movies, proceeding the series) but not as much nudity.

Pat Powers said...

Angela wrote:

Hmm, sounds like "Hercules and the Amazon Women" (one of the 5 'action packed' Kevin Sorbo movies, proceeding the series) but not as much nudity.

Well, it’s kind of a mirror image, based on the Wikipedia writeup of the Hercules ep. In the Hercules ep, the central problem is that the men are sexist, they have made beasts of their wives. In the Thor movie, the central problem is that women are not submissive enough, having made slaves of their husbands. The Thor movie ep reads like something one of the sexist men in the Hercules ep might have written as a cautionary tale about women getting too uppity. ;>