Monday, January 19, 2009

Virtue Rewarded

Dita demonstrates the care and molesting of bound blonds.

Getting organized has its rewards, sometimes unexpected. I’m engaged in the tedious process of converting all my videotapes, some of which date back to the early Triassic, into DVDs as it’s gotten damn hard to buy VHS tape players lately. When I copy a tape, I do a quick spin through the DVD to make sure the content of the tape is the same as indicated on the label.

While spinning through a DVD copy of a tape called “Pinups 2” I noticed a familiar-looking face. Was it … could it be … sure looked an awful lot like Dita von Teese. So I checked the credits, and sure enough, “Introducing Dita” showed up.

I had a very early Dita von Teese fetish modeling tape and didn’t even know it. Virtue triumphs again.

Image from Pinups 2.

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