Thursday, May 22, 2008

Danger of Mass Bikini Babe Abduction Scenes

Now that's bringing on the sexy cheese, baby! A mass bikini babe abduction scene from the defunct bikini cop "dramatic" series, "Acapulco HEAT."

Acapulco HEAT was by all accounts a very bad TV series. But it certainly had more than its share of damsel in distress scenes, often very sexy ones as it was about a group of swimsuit-wearing cops. (I'm sure there was a rationale for swimsuit wearing cops -- beachfront undercover cops, maybe -- but what sane guy would care, as the result is bikini clad female cops? Bikini cops, man! Bikini cops!)

It also had a memorable scene, the one pictured above, showing a mass bikini babe abduction. Baby, that's delivering the CHEEEEESE. Television genius!

But there's a danger in mass bikini babe abductions, especially if not all the bikini babe abductees are topnotch thespians: I am referring of course to the dreaded "damsel dimples."

Look at these women. They are all grinning like loons. They do not look like terrified damsels kidnapped by white slavers or whomever at all. They look like young women on a television shoot having a whale of a time.

Yah. Terrified, alrighty.

Surely their smiles must have lessened the dramatic impact of the scene somewhat. But remember what we are dealing with: a bikini cop TV series. There's not much they could have done to help it other than be their cute young selves, and it's hard to see how the show could have been hurt so long as they were mostly clad in bikinis and lookin' good, which they were.

Still, if you're a director it's always important to watch the background bikini babes whenever you're shooting a mass bikini babe abduction scene. The absurd fun of the situation presents a constant danger. You never know when the grins will start breaking out.

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