Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Nude, Bound, Argentinian Damsel in Distress

This woman has naturally large breasts. You can tell when she bounces up in down with excitement as she begs to be released. Yum.

A fellow opined recently on Brianspage that Diane Lane's lengthy gag scene on "Untraceable" was the scene of the year, for him. Others pointed out that the year was far from over and thought he might be a tad premature in his opinion.

I think sometimes a scene comes along that is so good you know from past experience that nothing can beat it -- Nastassia Kinski's nude bondage sex spreadeagle on "Cat People" back in 1982 comes to mind. What's going to beat that? Darned near nothing.

Well, if the scene above from "Sabrina Petinatto Amordazata," an Argentinian comedy show of some kind were to have appeared on U.S. TV this month or even in February I wouldn't have had any problem naming it the scene of the year on TV. I mean, incredibly curvaceous blond gagged and bound with tape and stark naked otherwise? What's not to like? And the bouncing and the mmphing and the fact that it's a comedy so all in good fun? Even better. The fact that I can't understand the language so I'm not groaning at how puerile the humor is? PRICELESS.

Why don't we get this kind of stuff in the U.S.?

Oh, yeah, the Flanderses. Fricking Flanderses.


Anonymous said...

OH Yeah! Normally I take "scene of the year" on Brians as "my favourite scene", but if this one aired...WOW!

"Why don't we get this kind of stuff in the U.S.? Oh, yeah, the Flanderses. Fricking Flanderses."

Fricking Flanderses?


Pat Powers said...

That's a reference to a character named Ned Flanders from the Simpsons TV show. He's a religious conservative and basically a really nice guy but he does have his little hangups and one of them is censorship: he is really into it. For example, he has a full cable system but has all the channels blocked except the religious channels. Also, there's a great scene where he's up late one night prepping memos for the FCC about TV programs that have the "he double hockey sticks word" and that show had a woman in a thong bikini, etc., and his two sons (he's a widower) come up to and say, "Daddy, we think you need to get a new mommy."

Simpsons calls the plural of Flanders "Flanderses" and I use him as a metaphor for censorious types generally, especially relgious conservative censorious types.