Monday, May 5, 2008

Nurse Me or Else

In hentai, women are really put on a pedestal. With another woman. Tied up. Naked. And in a glass bowl. Yeah, that's the hentai version all right.

For Cinco de Mayo we have "Nurse Me," a hentai which attempts to be a humorous story about a nurse in training whom EVERYONE wants to rape. Male, female, young, old, they all press their unwanted sexual advances on her virginal self. It's billed as a comedy, but it's not funny, which is ... a bit of a problem. We also look at "Candy" a film which does the same thing more successfully, with Ewa Aulin as the pork chop sought by so many hound dogs ... but not all that successfully, and "Defiance of Good and Evil" a hardcore porn film from the 70s which has a more realistic rape scene than either of these films ... which really kills your average boner.

In addition to that, rape is dangerous ground to tread in the US unless you do it purely on the grounds of condemnation. Light-hearted humor just isn't going to fly here, and if it's not all that funny besides, it will land with a thud. As this hentai does. But it does provide an excuse for looking at the way it was handled in those other films.

Disclaimer: I personally hate rape. I can't get off sexually unless my partner is clearly having a good time. Rapists are a problem for everyone who likes bondage because bondage is associated with rape, even though most rapes involve no bondage whatsoever. I feel at liberty to think about rape in cinema because I think there's a difference between reality and fantasy.

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