Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Getting Out and Voting

Well, let's get political.

I went out and voted for Barack Obama today, as well as a slew of Democrats. I don't think Democrats are saints or anything, I just think that overall, fewer of them are scalawags than Republicans are scalawags.

I also think that, on the record, Democrats are much better at handling economic issues than Republicans. And we need people in charge who can handle economic issues, because of the lack of oversight of the financial sector by the Republicans.

That said, I think John McCain is an honorable, reasonable man and if he wins, we're still going to have a distinctive improvement in the quality of our government.

America cannot lose this election. At worst, we will only have a lesser improvement in our government.

I like that.

Later today, something sexy.


Anonymous said...

"Well, let's get political....Later today, something sexy."

No offence, but that was the let down of your election. You Yanks are normally good for at least one racy sex scandal. Remember that Hart (sp?) guy? What happened to him? President Clinton, Oh boy. The babes coming from everywhere. And then President Bush. Wow!

The two chaps running this time both seem pretty straight.
I know, it's a good thing.

Pat Powers said...

C'jmon, give 'em some time. Clinton's blowjob scandal didn't happen until his second term.

Anonymous said...

"C'jmon, give 'em some time. Clinton's blowjob scandal didn't happen until his second term."

Wasn't talking about the intern gal. The one that was bragging about being sexier than Hillary Clinton on his first election.

I don't know why the media let her do that? Right or wrong? But I just mentioned it as (Now President Obama) seems straighter than the Clintons & President Bush