Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Arena (2001) Reviewed

"Shall we dance?"

We go from the sublime to the ridiculous today. Yesterday Bondagerotica was updated with a review of Fatal Conflict (see post immediately prior to this one) a film that created some of the most powerful slavegirl imagery ever. Today Bondagerotica is updated with a review of the 2001 version of The Arena, which is the sword and sorcery flick that arguably mishandles slavegirl imagery more completely than any other. It's a sexploitation flick about four slavegirls who are forced to fight in the Arena. Two of the slave girls are played by former Playboy Playmates. And it STILL managed to be a complete failure in the hottitude department, and a thoroughly shameful member of the No Bondage Zone. Sure, it's awful, but it sure is an awful lot of fun bagging on something that bad.


Anonymous said...

"I guess it would have been TOO FUCKING SEXY for a SEXPLOITATION film....if you want to see hot female slaves fighting, get two administrative assistants (i.e., cubicle slaves) fighting over who made the mess in the break room. It will be MUCH more entertaining"

Stop holding back Pat, tell us how you really feel

Pat Powers said...

Stop holding back Pat, tell us how you really feel

I really feel good. That "cubicle slave" line gave me an idea for a whole series of humorous articles.