Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Power of the Wrist-Ankle Tie

Bound as she was, the only thing she could do was put her head between her knees and kiss her ass goodbye. So she did that.

Bondagerotica is updated with a new article in the "Movies and TV shows" section of "What Should A Slavegirl Look Like's" image analysis section, titled "Domination Alley."

This article is not so much how the slavegirl might be dressed, as how she migbht be bound. It extols the virtues of the wrist-ankle tie as a way of letting slavegirls (and damsels in distress as well) do some really sexy writhing. "Domination Alley" is a commercial bondage film and the bondage is totally nude, but with the addition of a thong it's a sure shot for an R rating and even fully clothed, sexy writhing is still sexy writhing. (Just ask fans of Penny from the very old "Sky King" TV series, or fans of Noel Neill from "The Adventures of Superman." And the wrist-ankle tie REALLY promotes sexy writhing.

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