Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Celebrity Clones: Victoria Jackson and Holly Morgan

"I keep it there to help me remember I'm a porn star!"

Image source for Holly Madison: In The

Are porn star Holly Morgan and former Saturday Night Live comedian Victoria Jackson (now a conservative political activist)two people cloned from the same stock? These photos would seem to indicate so! Of course, there are subtle differences between them, but that may be ascribed to the difference between the life of a porn star and the life of a comedian/political activist, for example, Holly looks considerably sleeker and healthier!

(And in addition, I really like the insolent, smoky look Holly gives the camera as she lies there with her legs spread and a dildo poking out of her butt, as if to say, "Got any better ideas?")

And there is this to relate somewhat to our bondage theme: (granted, we have touched on politics, though to be fair I was not enough of a douche to claim that that it actually was Victoria Jackson with the dildo up her pussy, so I can't really lay claim to being a hardcore politico -- Karl Rove would have made the claim in a flash, were Jackson a liberal activist)

Holly Morgan HAS shown up ball gagged and cuffed in a lesbian women in prison shoot with Sasha Sparks, done for Bondagerotica sponsor Whipped Call my cynical, but I bet her ass got whipped in that shoot too.

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Pat Powers said...

Correction: Karl Rove would have had someone else do it.