Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Spanksgiving Grinches In Illinois

"Does it feel good when I spank here?" Image source: Chayse Evans stripped, bound, bit-gagged and spanked in a Fucking shoot.

A bondage-themed exposition called Spanksgiving, scheduled for Thanksgiving weekend in Fairview Heights, Illinois, is getting hit with unexpected fees by a city council playing the usual dickish political games where matters sexual are concerned.

The council had initially told the organizers of Spanksgiving that their vendors would not have to pay the $50 fee the city charges for commercial events, as Spanksgiving was a nonprofit event. But lo and behold, minds got changed when the city council "did further research" into the event's activities and suddenly vendors have to pay the $50 fee. The council maintains they are just enforcing new rules, but since no other nonprofit events have had their vendors charges, it's obviously just garden-variety political dickishness. I suppose we should give thanks that they did not shut down the event completely, though they would probably have done so if they could have conjured up a legal excuse to do so.

I think the Fairview Heights town council needs a good spanking! And I also wish you all a happy Spanksgiving, and a happy Thanksgiving, too.

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