Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Did Felicia Day Model As A Topless Slave Leia?

Felicia! I ... don't know what to say! Except ... RAAAAWWWRRR!"

Did Felicia Day, star of the enormously popular Web series "The Guild" dress as a topless Slave Leia at one time? These two photos displayed in close conjunction would certainly seem to indicate so! In fact, going strictly from the photographic evidence, I think it's only reasonable to state that that IS a topless Felicia Day in a Slave Leia outfit!

Just as my researches have revealed that Kyle McLachlan's father once sold the Spice Girl's mothers into slavery, and that Sandra Bulloch once used a time machine to travel into the past to model for the cover of a Gor novel, I'm prepared to state definitively that this constitutes solid evidence that Felicia Day once modeled topless (actually, fully nude in some cases) while wearing Slave Girl Leia accoutrements!

Of course, a more cautious person might do a little research. And he might discover that the origin of the image (which I initially discovered on the Bondage Blog, nice big pic of topless Slave Leia there and a lot of other cool articles as well) was Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art Blog, which contains many pictures of topless and a few fully nude Slave Leias. And a REALLY thorough researcher would actually read the article and discover that topless Slave Leia was really gorgeous model Justine Joli.

Now, who wants to have a really beautiful theory totally destroyed by a gang of inconvenient facts like that? That's why I just went with the photos! (Left is Felicia Day, right is Justine Joli.)


Anonymous said...

Left is Ms. Day, right is Justine Joli aka Swan, Hope. Not that I mind the inference.

Pat Powers said...

Whoops! I'll fix that! And neither of you should mind the inference.