Sunday, November 13, 2011

Katherine Heigl and Others In Excellent Fake Bondage

"Heh heh! She has to take her panties off, I've still got my pantyhose on!"

Found a site with some really interesting and well done fakes of celebrities in bondage, In many instances, the celebrities are shown in hardcore sexual bondage. The fakes look like illustrations, and they basically are, but I'm betting the figures begin as photomanips, then get a LOT of Photoshop filtering and touch-up, as well as maybe some Poser manipulation, because that floor Heigl is lying on sure looks like a top quality Poser floor to me.

But aside from wondering how they did it, the quality of the images is topnotch -- the celebrity faces are very well done, you don't need a caption to tell which celebrity is which if you are familiar with the celebrity (as is the case with some bondage fakes). The quality varies, this one is not as good as most, but I've got a weakness for Katherine Heigl. It's a pay site, but there are a lot of free images to look at if you are interested, and I think you will be. I am not sure what you will be getting if you join the site (I've made inquiries) so caveat emptor if you decide to join.

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