Friday, November 25, 2011

Japan Wins The WTF Races Once Again!

Aaaaand they're off ... literally!


At the Greater Osaka

Six daring BONDAGETTES will compete in an amazing SEX BONDAGE DEATH RACE in which they will thunder around the track in blazing SEX DOOM MACHINES powered only by electricity and the INTENSITY of the NAKED, CUFFED, AND BALL-GAGGED drivers' ORGASMS!!!!!!!

You'll be amazed at the BEAUTY, COURAGE and LASCIVIOUSNESS of these FEARLESS FUCK MACHINES as they RISK ALL to win VICTORY in the ONLY race of its kind ever staged in HUMAN HISTORY! Bring the WIFE, bring GRANDMA, bring the KI ... er, DON'T bring the kids ... for the most ENTHRALLING race ever staged by NASCAR (Naked Ass Silly Cart Autoerotic Racing)!!!!

This is an actual bondage go kart race called the Fuck1 Grand Prix staged in Japan in January 2010 by Soft on Demand Studios, a Japanese porn studio. The studio invited six porn studios to design a cart and have a film star race the cart, which is supposedly powered at least in part by the orgasmic responses of the drivers (not buying it for a minute, personally). Built-in dildos and male passengers who fucked the drivers provided the orgasm-inducing action. And the whole mess was then made into a film.

The race included pit crews and trackside interviews and was filmed in pornovision, making it a thorough parody of your average stock car race. But given that the carts are clearly mounted on those rolling LaZBoys they've come up with for those with limited mobility, the speeds probably weren't blazing, and a good thing too from the safety standpoint, with things sliding in and out of the driver's pussies as they rolled.

You can visit the Soft on Demand studios site about the race, see more and larger photos (all pixelated in the genital area, not sure if the video is or not) and if you like, buy and download the video, at this link.


Anonymous said...

How races should be

Jay L

Pat Powers said...

Well watching naked woman flame out in the heat of intense orgasms sure beats watching that other kind of flame out. Which I guess is why I am not an auto racing fan.