Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bluenoses Object To Kink Studio Tour

"And on your left you can see a naked submissive hung upside down by her heels, tied hand and foot, orgasming her brains out via vibrator."
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Well with all the good news and general acceptance of 50 Shades of Gray I've been reporting, you just know there has to be some bad news. And it's minor-league bad news, nothing like on the scale of all the good news.

It seems that Kink, Inc., the San Francisco-based home of Sex and and and a lot of other really good BDSM oriented websites (full disclosure: I'm an affiliate site of theirs, that is, you click on the photos from their sites that I use and then join their site, etc., and I get a portion of the money) offers tours of their studios.

The Internet coupon firm Groupon has for the second time offered a coupon for Kink, Inc., tours, and this has roused the ire of a group of prudes called Morality in Media to call for a national boycott of Groupon, according to this report from Grub Street in San Francisco. I was expecting the usual craven response of businesses to ANY pressure from right wing groups, but instead Groupon stood their ground. They said (paraphrasing here) "We vet our businesses carefully, and is a responsible member of the business community."

So I guess this is good news, so far. Morality in Media gets a thumb in the eye for their efforts. It couldn't happen to more deserving people. My hope, and my expectation is that their boycott will go absolutely nowhere. But we have to keep an eye on these jerks, they are relentless in their fetishistic desire to control what others can watch. And like rapists, they are ALL ABOUT the nonconsensual.

Hey, the article mentions that Kink is opening a restaurant! I bet the service there will be TERRIFIC!

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