Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Beach Heat: Miami And A Dungeon

Chasity Lynn puts the heat in "Beach Heat: Miami." Image source: vidcap from Showtime's "Beach Heat: Miami" series.

From time to time I've taken pleasure in spotting bondage actresses getting their groove on in mainstream films, mostly Skinamax films that can be seen on late night cable fare. I haven't done so in a while because it has become old news. A lot of Internet bondage porn actresses do mainstream televised porn, and why not?

It's a bit ironic, since Skinamax films remain totally oblivious to bondage themes, and when they do run a bondage theme, it's generally very brief, lame, or involves a dude rather than a damsel, with rare exceptions like the bound blowjob scene in Bikini Jones: Temple of Eros.

Showtimes' Beach Heat: Miami series is no exception to the rule, the bondage scenes are rare, brief and crummy. But what piqued my interest is that I recognized three of the four female regulars on the show as bondage models. That was new! Chastity Lynn, Pepper Kester and Savannah Stern have all showed up in the Dungeon bondage sites, Chasity and Savannah in the Fucking Dungeon, Pepper in Strict Restraint.

"Yoo-hoo! Boys! Look what I got here! Come and get it!" Image source: vidcap from Fucking Dungeon video.

The actresses all use the same names for Beach Heat: Miami as they use for their bondage videos, hence they're not trying to conceal their identities, a Google search gives up the goods on all of them instantly. (The fourth actress, Kiara Mia, does vanilla hardcore modelling, also under the same name she uses in Beach Heat: Miami.)

Savannah Stern in one of the few bondage scenes in Beach Heat: Miami (season 2, episode 13 if you're interested) in which she impulsively gags herself with a tie during sex. As indicated earlier, it's brief (just a few seconds) and crummy (the tie is never tied in back of her head, it just hangs there after it's placed. Image source: Miami: Beach Heat vidcap.

Many bondage models used to use different aliases for Skinamax softcore work, I guess there's no longer any opprobrium attached to being a bondage model, at least where softcore porn is concerned. Yay! Then again, it's kinda surprising that there ever was any opprobrium ... it's not like softcore porn has STANDARDS. But there it is ... change. Though I guess they do have kind of a standard of doing little, lousy or dudish bondage, and of doing sex scenes in positions that clearly do not promote genital to genital contact, but acting like it's really intense sex. So they've got THAT going for them!

Now THIS is more like it! Clearly, Stern is up for stronger bondage scenes when she gets the chance. Image source: vidcap from Fucking Dungeon video.

In addition to Savannah Stern's lame-ass gag scene, Pepper Kester has an even more lame-ass cuff scene in Season 2 episode 12 where she's arrested for murder. It's pretty much the sort of routine cuff scene you see on prime time TV. Sad, really.

Pepper Kester in decidedly NOT lame-ass bondage. Image source: promo photo from the Strict Restraint site.

I don't do much coverage of Skinamax films nowadays, the simple reason is, the dearth of bondage scenes on them. But hey, if their casts are becoming all bondage models, all the time, perhaps the actresses will INSIST on some good bondage sce ...

Sigh. Who am I kidding?


Pepper said...

Hey this is Pepper Kester, I'm really feelin this article. And you know what? You're right! Next time I'm on a 'mainstream' set, I'll insist on delivering more real bondage!

Pat Powers said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, Pepper! Feel free to keep us posted on what you're up to.

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