Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cute Canadian Female Judge In Bondage?

"Now THAT'S what I call a judicial restraining order!" Image source:

Ah, those wacky Canadians! From Manitoba we have a tale of judicial restraint that would make a Lifetime Movie of the Week so lurid that it makes "50 Shades of Gray" look like the Bible! It seems that Alexander Chapman of Winnipeg is alleging that Jack King, husband of Manitoba Queens Bench Judge Lori Douglas, tried to pressure him into have sex with Douglas in 2003 and 2004.

And the reason this is an appropriate story for Politics and Sex is, King, who was hired by Chapman to handle his divorce, is accused of showing Chapman photos of Judge Douglas in bondage, in chains, performing oral sex and playing with sex toys as part of his pressuring Chapman to have sex with Chapman. And Douglas is not bad looking, if the photo that ran with the story in on the CBC News/Manitoba website is any indicator.

The case is still in the "allegations" phase, a hearing will occur later this month. Should be an interesting case!

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