Wednesday, May 16, 2012

USA Today Assures Us That America Will Not Get Kinky! Gawker Mocks USA Today!

Kinky sex will NOT be happening in America's bedrooms! Because ... it just can't!" Image source: Fucking

There's nothing like the mainstream media engaging in some major frolicking in the biggest river in mainstream media: Denial. USA Today has gone all-out with an article that reassures us all that all those kinky fantasies that women are enjoying in 50 Shades of Gray will NOT be appearing in bedrooms in America.

Bold talk from a hotel room doormat!

Gawker had some fun scoffing at the article, and it's freaking hilarious stuff, nailing the absurdities and the intent of the original article with some really topnotch snark. Plus, a pic of a woman who is actually tied up, something you don't see much of in mainstream media coverage. So get thee hence!

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