Friday, May 25, 2012

Breaking News: Am I Being Mainstreamed?

Fox "journalist" S.E. Cupp has gotten this blog closer to the mainstream than its ever been before. Which, granted, is not close at all.. Image source: the InterWebs.

So, The Young Turks has done a story about the scandal surrounding one of Larry Flynt's pubications/websites/whatevers creating a photoshopped picture of Fox news commentator S.E. Cupp with a cock near her mouth.

I can understand the appeal of the story for The Young Turks, it gave them the opportunity to tut-tut about the awfulness of such behavior while giving their fan base a little salaciousness. But it didn't work out quite the way the Young Turks thought it would, because the really interesting story here is in the comments. Kasparian was so outraged that she thought the practice of photoshopping celebs should be illegal, and Cenk came along with her. The Young Turks fans did not follow along with them however. "Dislikes" were a sizable majority over "likes" (roughly 850 dislikes vs. roughly 750 likes, at the moment) which is unusual on any site that has a large fan base, and the Young Turks have one of the largest. Granted, their fans are an independent bunch, being progressives, but clearly, Cenk and Ana are zigging while the majority of their followers zag.

MacKenzie Lee or Ana Kasparian? It is REALLY hard to be sure, except of course for the nakedness thing. Image source: the InterWebs.

But the interesting thing was that my site was indirectly mentioned in the comments section several times. That's because if you Google Ana Kasparian along with nude or naked or bondage, the VERY first result you will get is an image from this blog. It's not a photoshopped pic of Ana, or even a pic of Ana at all, but a pic of McKenzie Lee, her celebrity clone, from this article on the blog. One commenter described McKenzie Lee as Kasparian's "porn star doppelganger" as if that were at thing, which was nice.

The fact that the comments section of progressive news program on Youtube is my closest approach to mainstream fame might SEEM to be the very DEFINITION of obscurity. But that's how it starts. One day you're filing the serial numbers off an obscure bit of Twilight fanfic, the next day you're on every magazine cover, TV show and blog on Earth. My site will perhaps be the harbinger of the next new wave in porn: funny porn.

Clumsy photoshop jobs? Who needs them, when you have a celebrity clone? Image source: Whipped


Captain Kidnap said...

Hey Pat. I've gone blogspot. Can you update your links to ... big thx and sorry about the trouble! CK

Pat Powers said...

I'll be happy to.

Anonymous said...

FOX? So can we expect Bill & Hannity to call you a "loon" with a big picture of the koolaid guy? I'd actually sit through Hannity to see that. ROTFLMAO!!

Pat Powers said...

Well who wouldn't?

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