Monday, June 11, 2012

The Fast and Easy Guide To Playing Second Life Gor

Beauty, adventure, excitement, combat and sexy fun await you in Second Life Gor. Get on it!

OK, I've been working for weeks on my definitive, or at least somehow useful guide to getting started in Second Life Gor. The goal has been from the beginning to let people get started fast and easy.

To that end, I've broken the article into six different sections, each exploring a different aspect of playing in Second Life Gor.

The first article, Getting Started in Second Life Gor, tells you how to get into Second Life and where to get all the freebie goodies and how to find Gorean roleplay sims. You'll be having fun getting new freebie stuff and playing with it in minutes. Read that article and go, read the others afterward as you move into new areas. The second article, How To Commit Sexual Roleplay in Second Life Gor, is second because you know you want to. Here's how it works. Then ins and outs. Ahem. Shows you how conventions have evolved to let people who have various approaches to and levels of interest in sexual roleplay enjoy the game together. You don't HAVE to do it ... but you CAN do it, if you want to.

The third article, Raiding in Second Life Gor,explains how to learn the skills you'll need to be a successful Gorean warrior, outlaw, panther girl or battle slave. The fourth article, OOC and IC in Second Life Gor, and Lifestyle Gor, is a VERY useful guide to the principles of roleplay in Second Life Gor. Here is where the cowpies you don't want to step in are. I would recommend reading it before engaging in Second Life roleplay, but the choice is yours. The fifth article, 50 Shades of Second Life Gor, was written because I figure with ten million readers of 50 Shades of Gray, we might just have a few people coming over from the books for some BDSMish roleplay, and this article is intended as a way to explain to them the benefits of Gorean roleplay for fans of 50 Shades of Gray. The sixth article, Gor Evolved and By The Book Gor, describes a basic split in Second Life Gor. There are Gor Evolved sims, and By the Book sims. Here's how it happened and how the two different kinds of lands operate, to help you choose your flavor of Gor.

All articles kinkily illustrated, of course. Now get our there and have yourselves some fun!


Anonymous said...

As someone who first ventured to Second Life after reading your posts, I'm not sure whether to thank you for turning me onto this exciting world of fantasy roleplay in a bdsm setting, or to curse you for introducing me to such a time-suck

Anyway, most of what you say here is true, especially the part where so many lifestylers begin to consider their SL avatar to be an extension of themselves. I even succumbed to that delusion when I ascended to the rank of chief scribe at a major city.

Now, I've stepped back and play a slaver, mainly for rp.

Pat Powers said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean, but face it, the reason it's a huge time sink is that it's so freaking much FUN! Heh. It certainly can suck you in though ... I'll accept the thanks AND the curses ... both are fair enough.