Sunday, July 8, 2012

First Ever Politically Sexy Video News Report

I did a NEWSY type video today, the first ever Politically Sexy News Report. Uncanny Vallerie is the host, she'll report on events of the day, hopefully improving her diction, as she has a bad case of Squeaky Robot Granny voice at present.

The first report is about 50 Shades of Gray of course, it being the Big News in the bondage world at present. It's actually a near verbatim copy of the story I wrote up here, updated a bit and tucked and nipped here and there, but basically the same story.

Uncanny Vallerie, star of so many riveting videos about Second Life, now hosts the Politically Sexy News. Cause she knows how to fill out a teeny-weeny bikini. It sure isn't her voice! Image source: me.

I hope to get the learning curve down to a reasonable level and get an improved voice for Vallerie, and turn these things out regularly in the future. If you have any suggestions on the voice issue, or for the show you know where the comments go!

Coming soon to the mind of a woman near you ... these fantasies! Image source: me.


Anonymous said...

Voice is echoing. How are you getting her voice? Recorded off a camera?

Jay L

Pat Powers said...

I run my voice through Morphovox Jr. via a standard microphone hooked up to my computer, which converts it to a "female" voice, and record Morphovox's output through Audiovox. Then I tweak it with Audiovox Jr., because the Morphovox output ain't all that. Audiovox has a lot of tools for manipulating digital sound data, and I haven't really figured it out too well yet.

Pat Powers said...

Er, the name of the program is Audacity, not Audiovox.