Saturday, July 28, 2012

Lady Gaga Outfit Outshone By Second Life Designer

Lady Gaga looking bondage-y in the "bondage dress" that shocked those fashionistas who are shocked by anything they think somebody with money or clout wants them to be shocked by! Image source: just about every fashion/celeb site on the Web, here's a very nice one on The Stir that includes a nice butt shot of Lady Gaga. She really hung it out there. Note the lack of butt plug, however. Thought you was EDGY, Gaga! (The headline is pathetic, "Too Racy for 50 Shades of Gray!" the editor has clearly never read the book or even a good description of it, cause 50 Shades is WAAAAY racier than that dress.)

A couple of weeks ago the flying monkeys spent a few days filling up my mailbox with reports of the "bondage dress" Lady Gaga wore to lunch one day. Now I gotta give Lady Gaga credit, it's a pretty bondage-y looking dress, MUCH more bondage-y than a lot of stuff that get's called "bondage wear" by the fashion industry. (Basically, if it has a black strap on it, it can be called bondage wear, by fashion/celeb site standards, if that's not an oxymoron.) Lady Gaga would not look at all out of place in your average kink club in that getup, in fact, she'd look pretty durned IN place.

Now here's a nice outfit from Second Life designer Graves. It's way racier, way bondagier (I THINK that's a word, but I don't know if your average Scrabble dictionary would go for it) than Gaga's outfit, and of course, it has optional butt plug and nipple and vagina stims, and REALLY, who can resist options like that? Image source: Graves, I'll post the SLURL below. My flying monkeys, however, originally discovered the outfit on this website. And the images on the linked website give you a much better idea what those nipple stims and the butt plug look like. Tres sex droid.

Graves features a lot of similarly-inclined kinky outfits on her site. Thing is, this outfit does not look like it's beyond the capabilities of Real Life designers ... a transparent body stocking with some black fabric on it to give it the circuitry look. And when you compare the Graves outfit with the comparatively sloppy-looking, prosaic "bondage dress" it's not hard to tell who's the better designer. Graves is. Difference is, the Graves outfit goes for 690 lindens, with is about three bucks in US currency. I'm betting Gaga's less snazzy outfit cost thousands of dollars. Food for thought!

Graves has some Yahoo videos of her outfits, you can find them here.

Here's the SLURL for Graves' store in Second Life:

Have fun!

"Clothing? You mean, other than ropes? Can't say I remember it ... Image source: Sex and Submission, where they understand that the best thing about women's clohting is removing it!


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