Thursday, July 19, 2012

Natalie Dormer Tied and Fucked Or Cloned?

Two of these images are of the actress Natalie Dormer, two are of her celebrity clone, Chanel Prescott. Once again, mad scientists have been at work, clearly. And before you say one has blue eyes and one has brown eyes so they can't POSSIBLY be clones, I have three words for you: tinted contact lenses. Image sources: Upper left, Chanel Prescott from Sex and Submission, upper right, Natalie Dormer from this site, lower left, Natalie Dormer in a vidcap from HBO's Game of Thrones, lower right, Chanel Prescott from Sex and Submission.

When I noticed that Sex and Submission model Chanel Prescott had been cloned by this guy from the same cells that produced Natalie Dormer, I had to put up a post about it, because hey, Natalie Dormer is FUCKING HOT. She's best known to American audiences as the beautiful, sexy and ambitious Ann Boleyn who came to such a sad end on HBO's "The Tudors."

Ever wonder what Natalie Dormer would look like naked and tied over a crate awaiting use? Probably a lot like her clone in the same position. Image source: Sex and Submission.

More recently, Dormer plays the beautiful, sexy and ambitious wife of one of the Baratheons, whose husband came to such a sad end (killed by a demon assassin). When you need beautiful, sexy and able to play ambitious ... and willing to get naked and play sexy ... Natalie Dormer is an EXCELLENT choice.

Perhaps you have wondered what Natalie Dormer would look like naked and tied and being anally assaulted while being choked by Sex and Submission model Isis Love, and really, who does not? It might look a lot like this. Image source: Sex and Submission.

Dormer also played Private Lorraine in Captain America: The First Avenger and has several movies in post production, plus of course she will be appearing in upcoming episode of Games of Thrones, so there will be plenty more to see of her, which makes me rejoice, because with that twisty little smile of hers and those eyes that just won't quit, I could watch her ... quite a lot!

Dormer is willing to get naked for the right role, and it's definitely worth it, as seen here in a vidcap from Game of Thrones.


Anonymous said...

Chanel Preston

Pat Powers said...

Right you are! But now who's gonna tell her she's a clone of Natalie Dormer?