Sunday, July 22, 2012

Roleplay At The Gor Visions Tavern

A slavegirl awaits the Master's pleasure at the Gor Visions Tavern. Image source: me.

Well it seems that some enterprising folks in Second Life have started up a Gorean paga tavern that is accessble to all, not just Goreans. This is a brilliant idea, I think, given the popularity of 50 Shades of Gray I suspect there may be a huge appetite for dominance/submission roleplay. A place that can sort of ease people into it, getting the idea of Gorean roleplay without have to actually be IN Gor proper makes all kinds of sense.

I decided to go to the Gor Visions Tavern and conduct an interview with the owner, bubit Treves, and introduce readers to how the tavern works. Treves suggested I conduct the interview in roleplay, which was agreeable to me, so I grabbed a slave and grilled her good. But I got more than I bargained for, and so I posted the roleplay on Bondagerotica so you can check it out for yourself and see what happened, and get an idea of how Gorean roleplay proceeds.

Basically, the Gor Visions Tavern welcomes all to its doors, not just experienced Gorean roleplayers. You can play a slavegirl, a customer, a dancer, whatever floats your boat. The staff will help you learn the rules of the roleplay and guide you so you don't get caught up in roleplay that does not work for you. The slavegirls actually visit non-Gorean Second Life sims and entice visitors to the tavern. It's an interesting concept. I'd like to see them take a wider approach to attracting visitors, but I will watch their experiment with great interest, perhaps making the tavern a regular stopping point for Bondo Quixote on his travels.

If you want to visit the Gor Vision Tavern, here's their SLURL:

Gor Visions Tavern Teleport

Have a great time and tell em Bondo sent you if you drop by!

Slavegirls: enjoy your luxurious accommodations as you are carried, naked, bound and gagged in the trunk of a car, to your new life in the Gor Visions Tavern! Image source: Sex and Submission.


Anonymous said...

the tavern was really nicely done..I liked that it wasnt all cluttered and the staff and owner were very nice and welcoming,,,,go check it out ppl !!!!!!!!!!

Pat Powers said...

A nice place to visit, and I wouldn't mind living there ... DAMN YOU, REAL LIFE!

Alex said...

Hi Mr. Powers, I´ve just finished reading your "Karg" book on kindle edition... Congratulations ! It´s a very nice story and you write very well. As I see you also enjoy SL very much (I like it too) I wondered if you or somebody ever created a KARGIAN comunity on it ... if not yet, the idea is on the air now ....
Congrats again for the nice book,