Thursday, July 5, 2012

James Deen Is Not Having Sex With Lindsay Lohan (at the moment)

An actress who is probably not Lindsay Lohan, but who IS having sex with James Deen on camera. Image source: Sex and Submission.

The flying monkeys brought in this interesting tidbit, an article in the Huffington Post's celebrity section to the effect that porn star James Deen (see above) is not sleeping with actress Lindsay Lohan.

I'll bet you were as shocked as I am to receive the news. I mean, the sheer CHUTZPAH of presenting a story about someone NOT sleeping with someone as NEWS! I mean, come on! I'M not having sex with Lindsay Lohan either! I think it likely that a not inconsiderable fraction of readers of this blog are not having sex with Lindsay Lohan as well!

Granted, Ms. Lohan and Mr. Deen do have some acquaintance, as they are playing lovers in Brett Easton Ellis' film, "The Canyons." But that's as far as it goes, says Dean.

Now my acquaintance with Ms. Lohan is somewhat slight, in that she probably has no idea that I exist and would be horrified to discover that I did. And yet, despite all this, I am still not having sex with Lindsay Lohan. I want that understood!

And you, gentle readers, if you happen not to be sleeping with Lindsay Lohan, feel free to leave a comment in response to this post explaining that you are not having sex with Lindsay Lohan, and the circumstances that have led to your not having sex with Lindsay Lohan. The world deserves to know!

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