Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Arizona Women Seek Fifty Shades Online

"Oh, CHRISTIAN! ... or whatever your name is ..." Image source: Sex and Submission.

A CBS New affiliate in Phoenix, Arizona is reporting what may be the most obvious and ordinary news report ever: that Arizona woman have gone online to see Fifty Shades of Grey-like experiences!

Channel 5 in Phoenix reports that over 4,000 women have flocked to a website called in order to seek an arrangement, which is about the vaguest term imaginable for wanting to get tied up, gagged, butt-plugged and fucked, but I guess it works in keeping the local authorities off your neck.

/me looks at the title of his blog, "Politically Sexy" and tries to look innocent.

Well what the hell, nobody's buying my secret to keeping slaves from drooling, guess I might as well dye my hair gray and start calling myself "Christian." It's a living!

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